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DomainLeia is a new website analysis tool on the web to finally do some real website traffic analysis. Our tools has various kind of reports that we generate for hundred of thousands of domains we can find all over the web. Beside a clear website traffic report we feature a free webpage visitor stats analyzer.

How do these tools work and what reports and insights into a webpage can I expect from it? When you start using the free website traffic checker you will see how many visitors are using the page on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This is great information if you want to know this data about your own site or even better: Run the website traffic estimator on a competitors site and see how they are doing.

Is that all you might be asking? No, not yet: You can gain even more insight because we do an OnPage SEO analysis of the webpage which will show key metrics of any domain right next to the free website traffic analysis. We return the most important keywords and headlines of a meta as well as other general usefull meta data which is gathered by our webpage visitor stats analyzer.

Additionaly you can see technical information which we gather for any domain like the DNS records or other important metrics like the download time to a webpage. This is all done by our free visitor stats analyzer which is now ready for you to use. Have a look at what metrics we can find for you:

  1. DNS information
  2. Server residence
  3. Website SEO analysis and score
  4. IP data
  5. Thumbs
  6. Website access speed
  7. Website visitors behaviour
  8. Website worth

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